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Outdoor First Aid - IOL Band 3 Aligned.p
Rescue Emergency Care,
First aid provider.
  • EFAW 6 Hrs
  • FAW 18 hrs
  • Outdoor First Aid 16hrs
  • EPFA (Paediatric) 6hrs
  • PFA (Paediatric) 12hrs
Richard Hathway -
International Mountain Leader,
Winter Mountain leader, 
Sea Kayaking coach,
Paddlesports Coach
Outdoor First Aid - IOL Band 2 Aligned.p
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Feed back



Richard was very friendly and supportive. It was delivered very well. A good balance of practical and theory.


well run course first aid course very happy


Very much enjoyed the course. Great style of learning as it was all practical and not just sat down listening. Engaging instructor. Thank you Richard.


Course was delivered very well, thanks.


I especially loved the visual aids, such as the hippo. I'm never going to forget that now. In fact I had to manage a minor first aid incident the day after the course. I was amazed how much more confident I felt and my ability to subconsciously run through the primary survey and manage the situation.


Excellent course and knowledgeable Instructor.


Excellent, active and relevant first aid training. Richard's expert knowledge and relaxed teaching style meant a lot of ground was covered on the course and first aid techniques will be remembered.


Very happy with all aspects of this course, the instructor conveyed the information in a very understandable format.


A really enjoyable and informative course that demonstrated practical and theory in equal parts. It helped build confidence in applying first aid in an outdoor environment rather than simply relying on classroom theory.


Richard was engaging, informative and patient. The course was paced well and had a good balance of reviewing / repetition in order to embed the skills and knowledge. Would recommend! Thank you.


The best first aid course I have ever attended - an extremely relevant, engaging and practical course. Richard was and engaging speaker and was interesting to listen to, the course was delivered at a good pace, I felt able to ask questions if I did not understand something. Richard made it very relevant to what me might experience on the moors and how we would deal with the situation. A great course - thank you


A very well delivered course


The course was brilliant. There were lots of opportunities to put skills to practice and the instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and encouraged/led some really interesting and useful discussions. I feel much more confident in administering first aid than after previous courses and would definitely recommend.


Fantastic instruction from an engaging instructor with real life experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.


Thank you once again Richard for a great course, and I look forward to seeing you in three years, or of course sooner if you are in the area.


Great feel to the course. A good mix of instruction, demonstration, theory and humour., I particularly liked the synthetic wounds and the myth-busting. Excellent value. Thank you, Richard from myself and all at the Teignbridge Canoe Club.


Outdoor Mentor 

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