Data Protection – GDPR 2018 Outdoor Mentor, is an outdoor learning provider based in the UK, we will use data generated from our website, booking form and its other training activities in line with current Data Protection and GDPR 2018 regulations.

We use your personal data for the following purposes: 


  • To share your contact details with the appropriate awarding body for official certification 

  • Outdoor Mentor will contact companies and individuals to keep you current and up to date with First Aid regulations, reminders, news and events organised by Outdoor Mentor

  • To maintain and manage our employees, accounts and records 


The security of your personal information is important to us and Outdoor Mentor will endeavour to deal with all data protection issues promptly and efficiently. If you have any issues about the use of your personal data, and are not satisfied with our response to your issues, you are free to contact the Information Commissioner’s Officer to take your complaint further.  You can unsubscribe at any time, by contacting the Outdoor Mentor DPO Richard.hathway@me.com .  Note – Outdoor Mentor will never pass on your company or other personal data for marketing purposes.

Note – Outdoor Mentor will never pass on your company or other personal data for marketing purposes.


Covid Advice

Advice given to participants on our  courses:


We encourage participants to keep informed about changes to Covid regulations and procedures, and be aware that these might change before the first aid course goes ahead.  


The following guidelines will help you to protect yourself and those around you:


•            Follow individual, local and government guidance about vaccinations, wearing masks and social distancing.  

•            Participants are strongly encouraged to conduct an LFT 24 hours before the course if they have a test kit available.  

•            Clean your hands frequently with alcohol-based hand rub, or soap and water.  

•            Cover your mouth and nose with a bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Dispose of used tissues immediately and clean hands regularly.   

•            If you feel unwell or develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, self-isolate until you recover.  Follow current Covid regulations and procedures,

What to bring...

  • Comfortable clothes, suitable for rolling around the floor in and getting dirty.

  • Warm/waterproof clothing & footwear (including hat & gloves) all courses have outdoor elements of first aid/ casualty management. 

  • Please also bring clean footwear for indoor use. 

  • Pen and paper for notes

  • Packed Lunch, snacks and drink for the day. Please avoid products with Nuts.

Health & Safety brief:

  • Please inform the First Aid trainer of any details of medical conditions, allergies or personal issues you think we need to know about. 

  • First Aid training is practical and active. We would normally expect participants to be capable of kneeling, bending, lying down, performing simulated CPR and able to take a full and active part by acting as casualties for both the trainer/s and each other. 

  • If you feel uncomfortable or have any concerns whatsoever please do not hesitate to inform our experienced trainer/s who may well have a strategy for helping you throughout 

  • You instructor will give you a safety brief on what to do in an emergency i.e fire or an evacuation/ emergency procedures  before your course starts. 


Attendance/Assessment:   In order to meet the assessment standards of the course, it is essential that candidates attend every session and are punctual. You will be assessed on the ability to act safely, promptly and effectively when a simulated emergency occurs and to deal with a casualty/ casualties.